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  • DM: Devin (

Players: Tolar, Greg, Ian

The plan is to play every other Saturday evening, leveling up after each session. I expect the campaign to last 10 levels, or perhaps run one extra session at 11th.

Locations of interest in the area…

* The Electorate of Standsfords * Castle Standsford * South Vale

* Homlet * the Henge of the Elder Gods * Beggar’s Hand

* Moon Wastes * the Salt Belt * Swamp of Sorrows

* Razor Hills * Razor Spines * The Scar Grey Spire * the Red Falcon Earldom*

Important People in the area

* Lord David Standford, Elector * Her Grace Chelsea Standford * Lady Amilee Standford

* Lord Tolar Mason Standsford * Gregg, Sergeant at Arms * Yiann of the Desert Moon Tribe

* Warrick, Captain of the Guards * Tobin, Sherrif of South Vale * Milar, Sherrif of Homlet

* Parvick, disgraced former Captain of the Guard * Ser Brian Kestrel, Earl of the Red Faclon * Shiek Nea’Halaht of the Desert Moon Tribe

Main Page

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