• Gregg


    A capable sergeant in the service of Elector Standford, Gregg was ophaned as a child and grew up in the castle.
  • Tolar Mason

    Tolar Mason

    The adopted son of the Standfords, Tolar Mason is a natural wizard who is already recognized as a talented mage.
  • Yiann


    Sent as a hostage ambassador to Elector Standford by the Emir of the Desert Moon Tribe, Yiann is an outsider who found friendship with Tolar and Gregg growing up in the strange culture of the castle
  • Parvick


    No one talks about why Parvick was dismissed as Captain of the Guard many years ago. He's only been seen occasionally since then, living like a hermit in the grasslands...
  • Ser Brian Kestrel

    Ser Brian Kestrel

    The Earl of the Red Falcon, Ser Brian's mountain fortress is the eastern border defense. His family has served the Electorate for generations, and he's considered the greatest warrior in the Earldom's history.
  • Warrick


    Warrick leads the Elector's Guard and is responsible for training and mobilizing the militia for emergencies.